Win Him Back and Keep Him

When You Still Love an Ex Boyfriend

At one time I was desperately in love with a man who suddenly decided he needed some “time to himself.” In that instant it felt as though my world had blown apart into a million small pieces. I had been patiently waiting for him to take things to the next level and meanwhile he was secretly planning how he was going to break up with me.

It was three days – only three days – before he started dating someone new. It was obvious to me that the main reason he dumped me was to be with her. I knew who she was and she just wasn’t the right fit for him. How in the world could she be since I was? All I longed for was for him to realize this and come running back to me.

So what did I do in my infinite and emotional wisdom in that moment? I cried and I panicked and I called him and begged him to dump the new girl for me. He hung up on me and wouldn’t pick up the phone again. He didn’t respond to any of my text messages or emails.

I ran to some friends for solace and guidance and they all offered the same advice. ‘One day he’s going to realize what he lost and it’s then that he’ll come back. Until then keep trying to tell him how you feel.’ That was the worst advice anyone could have offered me.

Men and women are very different. You can’t use the same techniques on your ex boyfriend to get him back that would work on you. He doesn’t process his emotions the same way at all. You have to do something that will trigger certain psychological responses within him that will make him crave to be with you again.

I was at a point where I had nothing to lose. He had obviously left our relationship behind him and moved on to the next one. So I followed the advice of a very wise man and now my boyfriend is with me again. (In fact, he’s my husband.)

If you really do believe your ex boyfriend is the man you are destined to build your life with, please don’t give up on him. There is a simple and straightforward approach to getting him back that works. You can watch a video that explains it all here.

Crucial Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Women are incredibly emotional. I know that I am, I admit it. All of my life I’ve been quick to show what I’m feeling. I haven’t held back at all. Whenever I’ve been involved with a man I’ve always expressed exactly what I think and feel – all of it – whether it’s been positive or negative.

When I was dumped, my life came to a very abrupt standstill. I struggled to do even the smallest things like eating breakfast, going to work and talking to friends. Everything took so much effort and each morning when I woke up my mind was instantly filled with thoughts of my ex boyfriend and I drifted off to sleep each night focused on him too.

Within that emotional turmoil I just couldn’t think straight. I didn’t consider the consequences of any of my actions, so I made more than my fair share of mistakes in an effort to get him back.

Here are a few mistakes I made that I strongly advise you avoid:

Acting desperate. This is one feeling that I understand completely because I felt more than desperate when my boyfriend dumped me. The problem is that each time you present yourself that way to your ex boyfriend, he’ll label you as pathetic. He won’t ever want to be with you again if you show him that you can’t handle emotional situations. He doesn’t see your proclamations of undying devotion as romantic, he sees them as pitiful.

Waiting for him to contact you. How many times a day do you check your email or phone? If you’re anything like I was it’s every few minutes. You are wasting precious time doing this. Willing an email to arrive won’t make it happen. You need to immerse yourself in the things you enjoy so you don’t waste away by the computer waiting for him to send you a message.

Getting a mutual friend to talk to him. Your relationship with your ex boyfriend isn’t the business of anyone else and it’s not your place to make it so. Your mutual friends don’t want to get in the middle of your relationship problems so don’t drag them into it. For one thing, you’ll risk losing the friendship and your ex will see it as a desperate move on your part.

Sending your ex boyfriend a gift. I don’t care if the holidays are approaching or your ex boyfriend is just about ready to celebrate his next birthday. Do not send him a gift! This is very important. I did this and it wasn’t even for a special occasion. I bought something expensive that I knew my ex wanted and I shipped it off to him. He didn’t acknowledge it at the time. In fact, he didn’t say anything until we were back together. He told me that he was very uncomfortable with the timing of the gift. You don’t want to appear this needy, ever.

Understanding what the right thing to do after a break up can be challenging. There is a way to get him back using simple text messages. Find out more here.

Text Message Your Way Back Into His Heart

I know that several times throughout the day you feel an overwhelming temptation to contact your ex boyfriend. Maybe you open your computer and start typing out an email to him or perhaps you just look at your phone thinking about what you should say to him in a text message.

I know that feeling. Any woman who has been dumped or who has broken up with her guy and loves him, knows too. It’s so hard to resist that temptation and when you do give in and you send him a message you almost always regret it.

Hours pass and he doesn’t respond and in your panic you start sending more and more until you’ve filled his phone with random text messages that really just show that you’re desperate and emotionally out of control.

There’s a better way.

What if you knew exactly what to say to him? What if you had a blueprint that included the exact text messages you should be sending to make him want to be with you again? It sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? It’s not.

Michael Fiore has developed a remarkable system that explains to women just like you the way to get your ex boyfriend to want to be with you again.

I know that you want to feel him close to you again. I know that you long to see his number calling your phone and I also know that you wish for nothing more than to hear him tell you that he loves you again.

Please take just a moment to watch this video. It’s insightful, it’s compassionate and it explains what you need to be doing now to set the wheels in motion to get him back.

He’s your man. Don’t let him get away. This is your one chance to get him to love you all over again. Embrace it.

Here’s the link for the video again.