Your Boyfriend Needs a Break! How to Use This to Your Advantage

When any woman writes to me saying that her boyfriend needs a break, my heart drops for her. Although it’s not an official break up, it’s an obvious, glaring and emotionally charged sign that the relationship isn’t giving him what he wants anymore. Before you reach for the panic button and destroy the relationship in the process, read on and absorb my advice on what to do if your boyfriend needs some time or distance.

Listen Carefully to What Your Boyfriend is Telling You When He Says He Needs a Break

Being in a relationship is great, especially one you know is going to last a very long time. That is why when that one conversation comes, it always leaves you surprised. It sometimes comes even when things seem as though they could not get any better. So if you have recently been told by your significant other that they need a break, do not fear. It does not mean they want to break up with you. All it means is they need some time to themselves. Maybe they want just a bit of time to think about things. Maybe their life is a little complicated at the moment and they need to be away in order to sort it out. So if this is happening to you, what you should do is follow these tips.

Be supportive. The worst thing you can do is not give him the time he needs. If you start telling him how you cannot be without him, it is not that he does not care it is just that he needs time for himself. So you need to give him that. Let him know that it is fine to you that he wants to be away from you for awhile. It does not mean he is breaking up with you, it just means he needs time to think about things.

Do not get nervous. You do not want to swarm him with phone calls or texts when he wants time alone. What you need to do is show him you respect his choice. You cannot force someone to stay with you. If they want to be away for awhile then there is nothing you can do to change that. It is a choice they made themselves. And you cannot sway them away from that.

Look for the Positive When Your Boyfriend Needs a Break

Lastly, one of the best things about taking a break is that it will give him the opportunity to miss you. It might be difficult to take time away from him but he will come back wanting to be with you more than ever. You just need to have faith and trust in him. No relationship will succeed without those two things. So just remember that he is not leaving you for good, it is just for awhile.

Sometimes a break may not seem like the best thing, but it might be just what your relationship needs. If you feel the urge to call him, just keep in mind he still loves you and will come back. All it will take is time and you need to give him that.

Understanding the triggers within him that will make him crave you again is the best way to get him to come running back to you. You have the inner power to make your relationship with your ex boyfriend a lifelong, emotionally enriching and mutually nurturing connection.

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