My Ex Boyfriend is Doing No Contact! How to Emotionally Handle This

“My ex boyfriend is doing no contact, I miss him so much!” That begins many conversations that women have in the days following their break up. They wake up one day, text their ex boyfriend, try to call him and then make the difficult realization that he’s following the no contact rule. The knowledge that the man you still love is purposefully ignoring you is a bitter pill to swallow. It’s harsh and it’s real. It stings and it can leave a woman obsessed with the broken relationship and what she can do to fix it. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and incredibly worried when you come to terms with the fact that your ex is no longer talking to you. Instead of panicking, there is a better way. Acceptance is going to help you immeasurably and may even be the key to getting him to come back to you.

The Positive Side of No Contact

You already know that no contact can have a positive impact on the strained connection between you and your ex boyfriend. Essentially, with a bit of time apart and some distance to fully comprehend life without one another, you two may realize that you are destined to be together, and you’ll go on to live happily-ever-after. You really must focus on this while your boyfriend continues to separate himself from you. Consider the fact that eventually you likely would have decided to go no contact yourself if given the chance. It really is an effective tool to rebuild a broken bond.

Stay Strong By Focusing on Anything But Your Ex Boyfriend

When a relationship unravels and one partner decides to cut off all contact it’s bound to sting the other person. In this case, that’s you and part of that pain is related to rejection. Even though you two were broken up, it’s still hard to accept that your ex boyfriend doesn’t want to talk with you or communicate with you at all. You must look past this and instead focus on anything but him. It’s very easy to fall into a rut in which you constantly feel sorry for yourself. If you do that, you’ll pine over every email he ever sent you, you’ll look back at old images of the two of you together and you won’t be able to move forward at all.

You must find something new to focus your attention on while your ex boyfriend takes this time to think about what he wants. A good way to accomplish this is to start on a project that you’ve been putting on the back burner. It may be something as simple as reading a novel you bought months ago or maybe you feel more ambitious and you want to tackle painting your apartment. Just choose something that you’d like to get off your to-do list and get it done. You’ll find that it not only gets your mind off your ex, but you’ll feel proud of yourself too.

The Way to Break No Contact

Right now you’d likely give just about anything to get your ex boyfriend to contact you again. As the days progress and you avoid him, you’ll find that the urge to call him or text him will diminish. At what point do you break no contact and reach out to him? Under normal circumstances, if you’re able to refrain from any contact, he’ll probably make the first move himself. It may take the full three weeks for him to do this or it could happen after only a few days. If he doesn’t call or text, you’ll need to take that matter into your own hands. You do have to handle this in a diplomatic way. The best approach is to do it as a friend, checking in with him. Don’t make any mention of what’s been going on with you and don’t ask him anything other than how he is. You’re better off to do this in the form of a text message. If you call him, and he doesn’t answer, you’ll be forced to sound cheerful and carefree while you leave a voicemail message. In text, you don’t have to worry about your demeanor. You simply just ask how he is and leave it at that.

If he doesn’t respond, don’t send another message. Instead, wait for him to get back to you. He may be waiting in an effort to see whether you’ll become more persistent. By being patient and not seeming to care too much about whether he responds or not, you’ll be baiting the hook that will grab his interest again. Men love it when a woman plays coy, so show him that you’re a master at it.

There is an easy way to get your ex boyfriend back even if he’s doing no contact. Learn what text messages you need to send him now to make him want you all over again.

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