Can Michael Fiore Help You Text Your Ex Boyfriend Back? Yes!

Understanding the emotional dynamics that are at work after a break up isn’t easy. It’s incredibly hard to know what your ex boyfriend is thinking at any given moment. You want to reach out to him but what happens if you do it when he’s feeling bitter or angry about the break up? What if you send a compassionate text message and he’s not open to hearing it? These are all genuine questions that plague women as they work their way through losing the man they love. I know for me, all I wanted was to send him a text message now and again, asking how he was feeling, if he missed me or if he ever thought about getting back together. Truth be told, I did send a few messages just like that but sadly, often, my ex boyfriend just wouldn’t respond at all.

Michael Fiore is a relationship master. I don’t say that lightly. I saw him initially back in February, 2011 when he was on Rachael Ray’s Valentine’s Day show. He was showing her how to use text messages to bring romance back into your relationship. I was intrigued since, like most women, my man isn’t always the Prince Charming I wish he was. Michael’s ideas about romance are very insightful for women. He explains how men view things and, more importantly, how they absorb certain things.

How Text Your Ex Back Can Give You The Second Chance You Want

In his subsequent product, Text Your Ex Back, he explains how to use text messages to draw your ex boyfriend back. For many of us, it seems that it should only take a simple, “I miss you” or “I need you” to get your ex boyfriend’s attention. Men just don’t respond to those types of heartfelt messages the same way we do. Can you just imagine if your ex sent you a text right now that said, “I can’t live without you.” You’d be jumping for joy, right? The same wouldn’t be the case if you sent him that exact text message.

The reason Michael Fiore’s techniques work is that he explains to women how to unlock a man’s passion center. It’s all about creating a connection again that is so powerful that he’ll feel compelled to come back to you. It works whether the break up was mutual, or your idea or his. It works if you two are miles apart or if you still live in the same home.

Most of us are just not emotionally equipped to deal with a break up in a way that ensures that we’ll get another chance with the man we love. As women, we feel things very deeply and because of that we respond in very quick ways. In other words, we don’t think through what we’re doing. We don’t think ahead to what the ramifications will be tomorrow, the day after that or a year from now.

What you do – everything you do – after the break up is going to impact your connection with your ex boyfriend. Read that again – it’s so true. Each word you say or text to him. Each move you make and each emotion you exhibit will impact him.

Guidance is something we don’t often accept or seek in life. We believe that we know best in terms of what will help us get what we want which in this case is a renewed future with an ex boyfriend. I’m here to tell you that guidance can be a relationship saver.

Michael has prepared a video that explains a lot about break ups and our response to them. You can watch it here.

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