How to Get a Cancer Man Back? Tips You Desperately Need

You and the Cancer man who owns your heart had a falling out. You broke up and now, since the dust has settled, you’re realizing how empty your life really is. You miss him, you long to be with him again, but you don’t know what you can possibly do to make him understand that the two of you belong together. It’s hard to get up each day and face the knowledge that the man you love isn’t in your life anymore. Instead of wallowing in the depths of despair because it’s over, why not take some steps towards getting him back? If you love this man and if you really believe your life’s path belongs with his, there’s no time to waste. Getting a Cancer man back does come with its own set of unique challenges, but if you’re prepared emotionally and if you’re equipped with the knowledge of what makes him forgive and forget, you’ll be well on your way to that second chance you wish for.

Recognize That He Needs Time to Process What He’s Feeling

One thing you already know about Cancer men is that they often shut themselves out from the world when they are upset. These men need private time to process what they are feeling. At times, their need to do this may seem harsh or cold, but it’s a defense mechanism in place to protect their hearts. That means, that regardless of how many ill conceived attempts you make to get him to talk about the break up, he won’t until he feels ready.

The first piece of advice you should be following if you hope to get your Cancer man to want to be with you again is to leave him alone. This may feel impossible given the fact that you want to reach out to him in an effort to convince him that you two really do belong together.

By stepping back, and giving him some space and time to process the break up, you’ll be demonstrating to the man you love that you respect his needs. You have to put his need for time ahead of your need for contact at this point.

Apologize for Your Part in the Break Up

Obviously someone has to eventually make the first move if you want your Cancer man to see a future with you. That someone is likely going to have to be you. Men born under this astrological sign are skilled at holding a grudge. If you did anything before, or during the break up, that stung him emotionally, you can expect him to carry that around with him until you apologize.

Allow some time to pass after the break up. Give him the recommended time he needs to himself and then craft a very simple and direct apology. Gifts shouldn’t accompany your apology because your lost love may actually view this as a bribe. Instead, call him up and tell him that you just want to apologize for what you said or did. Make it as genuine as possible. Try not to be overly emotional though. You want to show your ex that you’re clear minded and that you’re being sincere.

Don’t expect him to forgive you right away. These men will hold onto their emotional pain until they feel it’s time to let it go. The only thing you can do to help is to offer that sincere apology and then allow your actions to show that you have indeed changed.

Be Open to Any Relationship He Offers

Like most of us, Cancer men have a deep fear of rejection. Once he lets his emotional walls down again, he’ll come looking for a relationship with you. With any luck, he’ll realize that he’s still very much in love with you. However, if he doesn’t friendship may have to be the stepping stone you work from.

Once some time has passed since the painful break up, expect your man to want to be friends with you. Embrace this with open arms even if it’s not your end goal. Men born during this time of year are slow to put their hearts on the line again. He’s not going to want to jump headfirst back into anything with you if he’s fearful that there will be more emotional pain.

That’s why becoming friends is such a good idea at this point. You can demonstrate, as a great friend, why your man still needs you. Keep all old relationship talk out of the new friendship and don’t push for more than he’s ready to give to you. You’re going to use this opportunity to show your Cancer man why you’re not only a fantastic friend, but why you’re also still the ideal partner for him.

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