Clear Signs He Is Coming Back to You! Insight Into Your Ex Boyfriend’s Heart

There is only one wish that you hold within your heart. It’s all focused on your ex boyfriend and how you long for another chance at a life with him. You haven’t been the same since the two of you broke up. You feel desolate, lonely and lost. You spend day-after-day waiting for a text message from him and you wait endlessly for the moment when he calls and tells you that he can’t possibly live another day without you. If you’re like most of us who have gone through a difficult break up you try to find meaning in every word your ex boyfriend does say to you as well as every action he takes in relation to you. It’s emotionally exhaustive yearning for a relationship that may never be again. If you’re tired of second guessing what he’s feeling there are clear signs that he wants to reunite with you. If you spot these in your ex boyfriend’s behavior, you have every reason to be hopeful.

Here is a short list of signs that a man still has feelings for you after a break up:

He initiates contact on a regular basis. If your ex boyfriend is generally the one calling or texting you, that’s a clear sign that the man is not even close to moving on from the relationship. When a man wants a clean break all contact with his ex will stop. A man who still has strong feelings for a woman he’s no longer with will want to maintain some sort of connection and the easiest way to do that is to call her just to see how she is or to “touch base.”

He’s suggested the idea of you two being friends. The last thing you probably want is to be friends with your ex boyfriend. You want much more than that but you should take a step back and try to see the value in this suggestion. If he’s made it clear to you that he wants to remain in your life in the capacity of a friend, don’t discount that. It really means that he’s having trouble letting go of you and wants you to still see him as someone who can contribute something helpful and worthwhile to your life.

He talks to your friends about his feelings. Men aren’t always as subtle as they think they are. Such is the case with an ex boyfriend who confides in your friends that he still thinks about and cares for you. It’s highly likely that he’s doing this with the hope that your friends will pass that tidbit of information on to you. If you hear regularly from your friends about how your ex talks about you, that’s a sign that the man still wants to be your partner.

He hasn’t returned your things that were left at his place. Most couples tend to leave things at each others’ places when they’re dating. That makes it a bit awkward when you have to agree to meet to return things after the break up. If your boyfriend hasn’t offered to return any of your things that you forgot at his place or in his car, it’s because he’s not yet ready to accept that the relationship is indeed over. The same can be said if he hasn’t asked you to return his belongings that are still scattered around your apartment. That’s a final step that he may not feel ready to take yet.

He’s overly interested in your dating life. If your ex boyfriend has stopped caring for you in a romantic sense he won’t care if you’ve started dating. In fact, he’ll encourage you to go out and find someone because he’ll feel less guilty about the two of you breaking up. By the same token, if your ex boyfriend constantly wants to know if you’ve started seeing anyone new or if you’ve met an interesting man, he’s not doing that in the hope that you’ll say that you have. He’s worried that he’ll have competition for your affection soon. Be mindful when you answer any questions related to your dating status. It’s not advisable to try and make him jealous by creating an imaginary new boyfriend. Your ex may not be able to get past the image of you with another man so be wary of dating at all if your end goal is to reunite with your ex.

Obviously, there are many more signs that a man is intent on getting back together. These signs are meant to help you decipher some of the confusing behavior you may notice coming from your ex. It’s always wise to follow your heart and listen to what it tells you. If your inner instinct is telling you that he wants to be with you again, chances are good that’s the case.

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