Can I Get My Boyfriend Back Over Text? The Simple Answer

Text messaging has turned into the go to communication tool for many couples. It’s an easy and very effective way for any woman to keep in touch with the man she adores. You probably texted your guy dozens of times a day when the relationship was going well, right? Now that you two have broken up you may be wondering if you can use texting as a tool to get him back. It’s a great question and the easy answer is, “you bet you can!” It’s not as simple as sending him a text asking him to get back together though. Nothing is quite that easy in love, is it? You have to be tactical when it comes to texting an ex boyfriend. In fact, there are several rules you need to be aware of before you even think of picking up your phone and typing out a message to your lost love.

Don’t Text Him Immediately After the Break Up

Your emotions are at an all time high right after the break up. That’s natural and it’s completely expected. This is the time when you may feel inclined to do or say just about anything to get your man to come back to you. Many women fall into an emotional trap in which they send random, frequent text messages to their ex boyfriend begging him for another chance. If you do this, you’re making things much harder for yourself. Your ex will start ignoring your text messages and if he finds you overly bothersome he may even block your number. Do whatever it takes to refrain from texting him for at least two weeks after the split. If you have to turn your phone off and hide it in a drawer or in your handbag, do it. You’ll be thankful once the fourteen days have passed and you feel stronger and calmer.

Don’t Ask Anyone Else to Text Your Ex For You

You may think you’re being sneaky or smart when you request that a mutual friend text your ex boyfriend and mention you, but it’s actually an incredibly obvious ploy that many women engage in after a break up. If anyone happens to mention you to your ex, he’s going to immediately be suspicious of their motives. It’s obviously very tempting to have someone check up on him or test him to see if he misses you, but this is another move that you’ll soon regret making. When another person texts your ex and attempts to get in the middle of your break up, your ex will not only resent them, but will resent you for pulling someone else into such a personal matter. If you do still have mutual friends with your ex, make a point of asking them not to discuss you with your ex. It’s the safest route for you to take.

Don’t Pretend to Accidentally Text Him

Many women believe that their ex boyfriend won’t realize they are playing games with him if they send him a revealing text message and then claim they sent it to him by mistake. The text may be something like, “I like you too, ” or “I can’t wait to see you tonight.” Obviously, the intent when sending a text message like this to your ex is for him to believe you’re involved with another man. There are two general scenarios that arise out of a situation like this.

First, and foremost, your ex boyfriend is going to see through your charade and will be insulted that you believe that he’s so dimwitted. He’ll tell you that he knows you’re just playing games and he’ll pull back so far that any chance of you two getting back together will disappear.

The second scenario is that your ex will actually believe that you have another man in your life and he’ll give up on you in order to let you pursue the new relationship he thinks is real. In this case, you can’t exactly tell him that you weren’t being genuine because then he’ll see you as someone willing to manipulate his feelings. Either way, you’ll risk losing a future with him, so don’t risk that.

It’s very important that you don’t text him when you’re feeling emotional or vulnerable and that you abandon all ideas that include tricking him into wanting you back out of jealousy. Just let some time pass, gather your emotions together and then reach out to him in a mature and compassionate way.

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