I Don’t Understand Why He Broke Up With Me! The Insight You Need to Move Forward

How different is your life today than it was a few weeks or months ago? Very different, isn’t it? Back then you were with the man you adored and your life together seemed to be a fairytale come true. You loved him, he loved you and the future seemed bright and very promising. Now you’re sitting at home alone, crying and wishing you could recapture those moments. Any woman in your situation is likely saying the same thing you are which is, “I don’t understand why he broke up with me!” It’s hard to accept it, isn’t it? Not knowing why he dumped you and not having any clear idea of what you can possibly do to get him to want you again. There are answers that will help. You can move forward from this once you understand the likely reason why he decided to end the relationship.

There are a few common reasons why men decide to leave their dating relationships including:
You’re no longer a challenge to him. There are some fundamental differences between men and women in relationships including how we view things once we fall in love. When we meet a guy and we feel that undeniable spark that suggests he’s the one, we have no reservations in telling him as much. I’ve done it. Most of us of the female persuasion have. We see no reason not to. If he fills your heart and makes you see visions of wedding dresses and babies, why not tell him that he’s your soul mate, right? The problem is that he wants to chase you. He wants the challenge of not knowing exactly how you feel. If you spell it all out for him, in no uncertain terms, it may deflate his interest.

You’ve gotten in his space, emotionally or physically. We all have personal boundaries and we expect the person we’re involved with to respect those. Such is the case with most dating couples. You have your own limitations in relation to how much you’re willing to share with your guy and he has the same related to you. If you’ve overstepped a boundary before he was prepared for it, he may pull back and end the relationship. Some examples are when a woman looks through her boyfriend’s cell phone, or when she repeatedly asks about his previous relationships. He’ll share things with you when he’s ready. If you tried to get him to do so before he wanted to, it may cost you his love forever.

You don’t support him. One thing that all men need from the woman they love is unconditional acceptance and support. If you are critical of the man you’re involved with, that’s going to sting him in very deep ways. He wants and needs to know that you would stand behind him no matter what and that you believe in him as much as he does. If you made any disparaging comments to him, that might have been the reason he dumped you.

Obviously, each relationship has its own unique dynamic and your ex boyfriend is the only one who can truly say, with certainty, why he ended the relationship. By taking some time to consider what was going on right before the break up you may be able to identify what triggered it and that will help you move forward. Leaving the past behind you is truly the best way to find your footing so you can get to a stable emotional place where you’ll be able to make a rational decision about whether or not you really want to try and get him back.

Once you have a better understanding of why he broke up with you, it’s then time to work on a way to win him back.

Knowledge is your best friend right now, so learn the best way to get him to love you again here.

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