Is it Really Possible to Get an Ex Boyfriend Back or Are You Fooling Yourself?

Most of us who have had our hearts stepped on, beaten and badgered by a break up all want the same thing. We want the man who did that to us to take us back? It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? From anyone watching you from the outside they probably think you’re in desperate need of an intervention when you say that even though he dumped you, you can’t wait to be back with them. The problem is that no one on this earth can truly understand how much you loved the man, right?

I went through a horribly painful and difficult break up with a man I loved with my entire being. He dumped me – just like that. No fanfare, no warning and absolutely no compassionate let down. He just randomly told me that it was over and he was going to move on. I was horrified and wondered immediately where that left me. What was I supposed to do with my life now? The future, as I desired it, was leaving.

Naturally you’re going to stop at some point and wonder whether it’s worth it to try and get him back. Your heart hurts, your mind is confused and you wonder whether or not you should even think about him for another moment.

Consider How Much You Loved Your Ex Boyfriend

Let me tell you this. Love just isn’t all that common – not the kind of love that you felt for him. You already know that, right? You also know that a couple can go through a difficult time and come out of it stronger, and more solid than they’ve ever been. You’ve heard the stories of that happening and I have one of my own to share.

When my guy left me, I was determined to win him back. I made every possible mistake in the book on my way to that goal. I’m shocked that he didn’t write me off completely especially when I made the horrendous decision to date another man in an effort to make my ex boyfriend jealous. Disaster with a capital “D” that was.

You’re not fooling yourself at all. You can get him back. It’s more than possible if you have the determination, the patience and the heart.

Don’t Let Your Ex Boyfriend Get Away

He’s the man for you- there’s no denying that so don’t let your heart wander away from your goal.

You’ve got a chance to win him back for good, so take it. Your future can be filled with a life with him. Make it happen. You know it’s the right thing to do.

Ashley Kay was the woman who helped me find the right direction after my boyfriend dumped me. She had the insight and the knowledge I needed to get him back. You can learn more about her here.

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