I Wish My Ex Boyfriend Would Miss Me – Make That Wish a Reality

I wish my ex boyfriend would miss me.” It’s that one phrase that you’ve been saying to yourself over and over again since the break up. You may have even said it out loud to a close friend or two. You miss the man like crazy so why isn’t he missing you? Logically your head is telling you it’s because he’s over you, but your heart keeps you invested in a possible future with him. The fact of the matter is that men and women just don’t process a break up the same way. While you may spend your days missing your ex boyfriend like mad, he may only think of you occasionally. Does this mean that your planned future together is never going to happen? Or is there still a way to get the guy to finally see that you are the one and only perfect partner for him? Love is complicated. You know that because you’ve lived that. Before you give up on your desire to get your ex to miss you, it’s worth noting that many broken relationships, regardless of how painful the split was, can be brought back to life.

Take the Obvious Step and Stop Talking to Him

Women are notorious for talking too much. Most of us can admit to at least one occurrence, if not a hundred, in which we talked and talked when we should have been quiet. This is especially true after a break up. If you spend time each day plotting a way to get your ex boyfriend to talk with you, you’re never going to get the man to miss you. The two things can’t work together. You can’t expect anyone to miss you, or long to be with you, if you’re always chasing after them. It just can’t happen.

You can make him miss you if you disappear. This isn’t hard to do at all. You just make a conscious decision to not talk with him. You vow to not text him and email is out of the question. You avoid his usual haunts and you steer clear of anyone you know is close to him. In other words, you drop out of his sight, and his world, without a word and without a trace.

Don’t think it’s going to impact him more if you announce that you’re going to break off contact. If you do this, you’ll appear juvenile to him. He’ll label you as a game player and he’ll never miss you. In fact, he’ll be thankful that you’re gone. Keep your plan to yourself. Don’t share it with anyone. Even close friends have a habit of sharing secret information if they’re presented with an opportunity to confess all to a mutual acquaintance. You don’t want your ex boyfriend to hear from his hair stylist or a guy at his gym that there’s talk through the grapevine that you’re deliberately ignoring him in an effort to get him back.

Be Patient and Re-Focus on You and Not Your Ex Boyfriend

You literally have no control over what your ex boyfriend feels. You can`t magically wave a wand to make the man fall deeply in love with you again. You can, however, use certain very specific psychological triggers to get him back. One of those is making him miss you.

In addition to simply avoiding him, you have to continue to move your life in a forward direction. The reasoning behind this is two –fold. Not only do you want your ex boyfriend to sense that you’re moving on and away from him but you’re also going to take the pressure off yourself in terms of waiting endlessly for your ex to realize what he’s lost.

Once a man senses that his ex has moved on, he will automatically question whether or not he really wants it to be over. The only way to get him to the point of missing you and also the point where he wonders whether he wants you with anyone else is to live your life to the fullest, as separate and apart from him as possible.

Almost all exes keep an eye on their former partners, either via mutual friends or social media. If you post on your Facebook page that you’re going to head out to a certain club, your ex is going to wonder if you’re going to meet another guy. The same is true if you Tweet about the great lunch date you had. Keep the details to a minimum but share enough that your ex’s mind will start to wander into places that include you moving on and leaving him behind.

Making your ex boyfriend miss you isn’t all that hard. It’s easy if you’re patient, upbeat and determined. Showing him that you can live without him will push a psychological trigger within your ex boyfriend that will make him question not only the break up but a future without you too. Show him that there’s a void in his life without you and the man won’t be able to stop himself from reaching out to you in an effort to get back together again.



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