My Ex Boyfriend Says He’s Not Over Me! Why This May Mean Nothing

What’s the one phrase you want to hear yourself saying after a break up? “My ex boyfriend says he’s not over me,” is at the top of the list. It’s a great feeling to hear the man tell you that he hasn’t moved on yet, isn’t it? Your heart leaps, your mind jumps and you start planning what you’re going to wear the first time you two go out after getting back together. If this sounds like you, you need to stop whatever you’re doing and think for a moment. Although it’s certainly easy to jump to the conclusion that his words must mean that he still loves you that’s not necessarily the case at all. Just because your ex boyfriend says he isn’t over you yet, that doesn’t imply that he’s planning on getting back together with you. In fact, it may mean little at all.

Why Your Ex Boyfriend May Not Mean What He Says

Men know what to say to make us melt. It’s true. If a man tells you that he thinks you’re an angel and he’s never met anyone like you, that’s going to impact you in a big way, isn’t it? It’s the same for most women. We all have triggers that make us weak in the knees and make us fall hopelessly in love with the man shooting those words in our direction. The problem is that after a break up, your ex boyfriend may be feeling as lost and alone as you are. Therefore, he may need to boost his ego just a tad and so he says things he knows will garner a big reaction from you. Things like, he’s not over you or he’s not sure he’s ready to move on.

Any woman in your situation needs to follow one solid piece of advice. If your boyfriend has hinted or even said outright that he’s not over you, pay more attention to his actions than those words. If he means it and if he’s truly feeling that there may be some future for you two, he’ll be putting in the effort to make that happen. He’ll be asking to see you and he’ll be persistent. He’ll send you frequent text messages asking to talk or he’ll email you sappy love letters all about how he can’t live without you. If all you’re hearing is him telling you that he’s not over you, yet he’s out partying with friends and flirting with other girls, his intentions aren’t matching his words.

Why You Should Protect Your Heart From Your Ex Boyfriend for Now

You’ll protect your heart and your dignity if you don’t immediately tell him that you’re not over him too if he says to you that he’s having trouble moving on. He may just want to hear you say the words to feed his male pride or he may be having a weak moment. If you put your heart out there again, and his intentions aren’t sincere, you’re going to emotionally fall back to the place you were the moment the break up happened.

Let him share what he feels with you but stay guarded for now. Watch carefully whether his actions mirror his words. If they don’t, you’ve kept your heart in a safe place and you’ve left him wondering whether you really are over him and that can be the one thing that will put him into action. If a man is truly still in love with his ex he’ll move any obstacle out of his way to get her back. If he isn’t certain she wants him back he’ll work even harder to make it happen.

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