Have You Been Texting an Ex Boyfriend? Why This is a Huge Mistake!

You know the rules, ladies. It’s all about no contact if you want to get your ex boyfriend back. That includes texting him. You haven’t been following that rule though, have you? You’ve fallen into the trap of texting him just to say “hey” or to see how he is. In your mind you’ve decided that since you didn’t hear his voice or see his handsome face, that it’s not really contact, right? It is! You’ve broken one of the most important rules any woman needs to follow after a break up. Allow me to explain why breaking this rule may be something you’ll soon come to regret.

Texting an ex boyfriend is akin to talking to him on the phone or rushing over to see him. In essence, you’re telling him that you can’t live without him, even if the text you send is generic and is supposed to look like it’s coming from a place of friendship. He can read between the lines and any correspondence at all from you suggests to him that you’re struggling with the break up and are sitting patiently waiting for the moment when he says he wants you back.

If you can refrain from texting him you’re showing him that you can live on a daily basis without him. This may seem insignificant, especially if he was the one who dumped you, but there’s a deep, hidden meaning that you shouldn’t be overlooking. When a woman separates herself completely from a man after a break up, she’s showing him that she’s accepted that their relationship has run its course. He’ll start to wonder why she’s given up on him and he’ll also begin to question whether she’s already moved on to someone else.

You can see that even though it seems innocent enough when you randomly text him, there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface than that. As you work your way through the days and weeks following the break up, keep all contact to a bare minimum. If you need to tell him to come pick up his things, leave a short and direct voicemail message asking him to do that. If there is a financial situation that demands his attention, again a short and very direct message is the way to handle it.

You should never try and hold onto a man after a break up by texting him, or calling him. You need to let him go for now. It’s also essential that you take that time right after the split to refocus on your own priorities so you can find the best road to travel in the future.

Give it a few weeks for your emotions to settle and then make a decision about whether pursuing him again is truly what you want. Time has a way of changing our perspective and it also gifts us with an inner strength we didn’t know we had. Remove his number from your phone, spoil yourself for a few weeks and keep an eye on the future.

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