Signs He Is Breaking Up With You! How to Tell If Your Man is About to Leave

Feeling as though you’re walking on eggshells in your relationship is obviously not a good thing. No woman, who is deeply in love with a man, wants to have any doubt about how he feels or where the relationship stands. You want to wake up each day basking in the knowledge that your man utterly adores you and would move heaven and earth to make you happy. Unfortunately, that fairytale isn’t always the reality that we are forced to live. We all have an inner instinct when it comes to the man we’re involved with and we can pick up fairly quickly when something has shifted. If you’re questioning whether or not he’s still as into you as he once was, you may not want to face the fact that he is indeed slipping away. Don’t let your wishful thinking cloud the truth of what is really going on. There are actually several signs that indicate when a man is on the verge of pulling the plug on a relationship.

Pay attention to these signs that your man may be ready to walk away from the connection you two share:

He doesn’t return your calls as swiftly as he once did. This is an obvious sign of a man losing interest but we often come up with very logical excuses for it. Let’s say your man has told you that he’s so busy with work that he doesn’t have the time to get back to you the way he once did. The fact of the matter is that any man who is in love with a woman will find the time to follow up with her. He’ll actually make time to reach out to her just to see how her day is going. If your man never calls or he takes hours or even days to return your calls, his interest is rapidly slipping away.

His attitude towards you shifts and he may even be rude. When a man begins to disengage emotionally from a relationship he sometimes subconsciously tries to push the woman he’s involved with away. This is why it’s not uncommon for a man in this position to be overtly rude or obnoxious to the woman he was once in love with. He may say things that are hurtful, whereas in the past he’s always been very kind and complimentary. He may also make offhanded comments about those closest to the woman in the hopes of getting her to pull back.

He stops sharing his feelings in terms of the relationship. If your man has always told you that he loves you, or that he can’t live without you and that suddenly stops, that’s a big red flag that he likely doesn’t feel those things any longer. The shift may be very abrupt or it may be more subtle, and happen over a period of time. Some women just realize one day that they haven’t heard their boyfriend express his love and appreciation in weeks. Once this happens you can be fairly certain that a break up is on the very near horizon.

He’ll mention that he’s met someone new. This can be a very emotionally jarring experience for any woman. When the man you love tells you that he’s met a new woman and they’ve become good friends, that’s a sign that his heart is becoming more emotionally invested in someone else. Men will often do this in the hope of pushing their girlfriend away. Many men just don’t want to shoulder the responsibility of the break up so they do things that they know will cause their girlfriend to break up with them. This is an example of one of those things. If your boyfriend tells you that he’s working with a woman he enjoys being friends with or he’s met someone he gets along well with, he’s preparing you for the inevitable conversation when he says he wants to pursue something with her.

Realizing that the man you love is on the edge of a breaking up with you is never an easy thing to absorb. You have to face the fact that not only has his feelings for you changed, but he’s already moved on emotionally. As painful as this is, it’s important to recognize it and then take whatever steps are necessary so you retain both your emotional balance and dignity.

It can feel heartbreaking to realize that your relationship may be over, but it’s much more important to be informed so that you aren’t bowled over by the news. You have the ability to handle yourself with grace and understanding when your boyfriend does indeed tell you that he wants things to be over.

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