I’m Scared My Ex Boyfriend Will Find Someone Else! How to Stop Panicking

I’m scared my ex boyfriend will find someone else!” I understand that fear. I felt it too when the man I love broke up with me. I woke many mornings after that in a sweat, filled with worry over whether or not he had already met a woman who would sweep him away from me forever. The fear consumed me at times and it halted my life in many ways. I almost became obsessed with the thought of him dating another woman and getting closer to her. That panic is real but it’s not necessary. If you’re currently making yourself crazy worrying about whether your ex boyfriend is going to move on and fall in love with someone new, stop for a moment, take a deep breath and relax.

It’s natural that you would have some concern over what your ex boyfriend’s dating status is if you’re still in love with him. The break up was likely a very painful experience for you and you’re unsure of what the future holds. If you had your way, the man you love would realize his mistake, come running to your door with a dozen roses and his heart on his sleeve. Unfortunately, that response is typically saved for movies and romance novels. You have to face the fact that your relationship with him has changed and he may actually find comfort in the arms of another woman.

The fact of the matter is that many couples break up, date other people and then realize what a perfect fit their ex is. This could very well happen with your ex boyfriend. In fact, his new relationship may actually play into your plan to get him back. The new girlfriend, who seems perfect at first, starts to show her flaws over time and you’re there to support your ex boyfriend by being an understanding and compassionate friend.

Most rebound relationships crash and burn very quickly. If your ex boyfriend does decide to start dating, don’t allow that to get the better of you. Men often use a new relationship as a coping tool. They believe that if they throw themselves into the dating pool again they’ll feel stronger emotionally and they’ll forget about their ex. It tends to backfire though and they end up feeling worse. Many men also come to a sudden realization that if they’re dating, their ex may be too. The thought of their ex girlfriend with another man is often too much to bear so they dump the new girl and rush back to the ex, begging her for another chance.

Why You Shouldn’t Date Someone New if Your Love Your Ex Boyfriend

It’s not advisable for you to “beat him to the punch” by dating someone new too. You don’t want to get into that type of emotional tug of war with a man you truly care about. Allow him the chance to sow his oats, while you hold your head up high with the knowledge that you’ll always be the best suited partner for him. Give him some time and he’ll come to see that too.

There is an undeniable beauty in the quiet strength of confidence. Show him that’s what you’re made of. If you can do that, you’ll always have the upper hand.

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