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My Ex Boyfriend Says He’s Not Over Me! Why This May Mean Nothing

What’s the one phrase you want to hear yourself saying after a break up? “My ex boyfriend says he’s not over me,” is at the top of the list. It’s a great feeling to hear the man tell you that he hasn’t moved on yet, isn’t it? Your heart leaps, your mind jumps and you start planning what you’re going to wear the first time you two go out after getting back together. If this sounds like you, you need to stop whatever you’re doing and think for a moment. Although it’s certainly easy to jump to the conclusion that his words must mean that he still loves you that’s not necessarily the case at all. Just because your ex boyfriend says he isn’t over you yet, that doesn’t imply that he’s planning on getting back together with you. In fact, it may mean little at all.

Why Your Ex Boyfriend May Not Mean What He Says

Men know what to say to make us melt. It’s true. If a man tells you that he thinks you’re an angel and he’s never met anyone like you, that’s going to impact you in a big way, isn’t it? It’s the same for most women. We all have triggers that make us weak in the knees and make us fall hopelessly in love with the man shooting those words in our direction. The problem is that after a break up, your ex boyfriend may be feeling as lost and alone as you are. Therefore, he may need to boost his ego just a tad and so he says things he knows will garner a big reaction from you. Things like, he’s not over you or he’s not sure he’s ready to move on.

Any woman in your situation needs to follow one solid piece of advice. If your boyfriend has hinted or even said outright that he’s not over you, pay more attention to his actions than those words. If he means it and if he’s truly feeling that there may be some future for you two, he’ll be putting in the effort to make that happen. He’ll be asking to see you and he’ll be persistent. He’ll send you frequent text messages asking to talk or he’ll email you sappy love letters all about how he can’t live without you. If all you’re hearing is him telling you that he’s not over you, yet he’s out partying with friends and flirting with other girls, his intentions aren’t matching his words.

Why You Should Protect Your Heart From Your Ex Boyfriend for Now

You’ll protect your heart and your dignity if you don’t immediately tell him that you’re not over him too if he says to you that he’s having trouble moving on. He may just want to hear you say the words to feed his male pride or he may be having a weak moment. If you put your heart out there again, and his intentions aren’t sincere, you’re going to emotionally fall back to the place you were the moment the break up happened.

Let him share what he feels with you but stay guarded for now. Watch carefully whether his actions mirror his words. If they don’t, you’ve kept your heart in a safe place and you’ve left him wondering whether you really are over him and that can be the one thing that will put him into action. If a man is truly still in love with his ex he’ll move any obstacle out of his way to get her back. If he isn’t certain she wants him back he’ll work even harder to make it happen.

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Why Did My Ex Boyfriend Text Me Out of the Blue? The Real Reason

Why did my ex boyfriend text me out of the blue? That’s the question you’re longing to know the answer to, right? I’m asked it frequently by women who visit my blog searching for any insight they can find on how to win back the man they adore. They want nothing more than to resurrect the lost relationship and get back together with him but they’re not sure how to do that. Perhaps you fall into that category as well. So now you’re looking at your phone and there it is: a text message from him. Maybe it’s nothing more than a passing, “hi” or he wonders what you’ve been up to. You have absolutely no idea what to do or what to say back. I’m here to help you wade through the confusion and forge ahead in the best way possible.

Is there a straightforward answer to the question, “why did my ex boyfriend text me?” In a sense, there is, yes. I want you to consider what was going on between the two of you before the text message in question arrived. Had you been following the no contact rule for some time? Or had you sent him a text message a few days ago and he was just now getting around to responding to it? Those are obviously incredibly different scenarios? If you had indeed cut off all contact and the message did, in fact, come out of the blue, so to speak, that’s an incredibly promising sign for you.

Inevitably after a break up the two people are going to cycle through a whole host of emotions. One of those emotions is longing. Even if your ex boyfriend was the one who decided it was time to end the relationship, he’s going to miss you eventually. There will be quiet moments when he realizes that there’s an empty spot next to him and that you’re the woman who filled it for a long time. When that hits him, he’ll reach out in some way. It may be a phone call, perhaps he’ll show up where you work or he’ll send a text message.

Don’t Assume He Wants You Back if Your Ex Boyfriend Texts You

Sadly, just as quickly as he sends the message, regret can take hold of him and he’ll wonder why he sent it. That’s why you may discover that even if you respond in kind quickly, his tone will have changed. For example, let’s assume he sends you a text saying he misses you. You see it, your heart leaps and you write back, “me too.” In that few seconds he could realize what he’s done, feel badly for opening up the emotional dam again and respond in a cold fashion after that.

You must take into consideration the fact that your ex boyfriend may be reaching out just because he’s lonely in that particular moment. That’s why I suggest that you wait at least an hour or two before responding. There’s nothing negative to be had in doing that. In fact, if you wait, you’ll be better equipped emotionally to respond. You won’t be sending any messages based on the overwhelming emotion that accompanies the hope that you’re going to feel because you’re hearing from him.

Be mindful of the fact that if you respond too eagerly, it may make him pull back. It’s best to temper what you say to him and request that he sees you in person. If he balks at this, you’ll know that he just wasn’t that interested in talking and his text was more of a spur of the moment, missing you type thing.

I also want to mention that some men will actually use the random text message to test their ex girlfriend. They want to see if you’ll respond quickly and eagerly. If you do it gives this type of man a huge boost to his ego. Don’t play into that. You’re much better than that. Waiting before responding is not going to make or break your chances of getting him to love you again. If anything, it will help you.

I’d like you to read this next page which really focuses on the issue of texting an ex boyfriend. It will help you understand when to do it and exactly what to say. Guidance is always a good thing, especially during a difficult, emotional journey like a break up.

Is It Okay to Wish My Ex Boyfriend a Happy Valentine’s Day? Absolutely Not!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s got you wondering whether this is the time to reach out to your ex boyfriend. Nothing would be more wonderful than reuniting with the man you love, right? It seems like a great idea. In your mind all you have to do is text him or give him a quick call to wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day and all that transpired in the past will be forgotten. Unfortunately, that’s not the way relationships work. As much as you believe that reaching out to him right now will help mend all the broken fences between you two, it won’t. This is not the time to try and rebuild your fractured connection. You don’t want to put yourself in a vulnerable position unless you’re certain he’ll be happy to hear from you.

Don’t Let Valentine’s Day Cloud Your Better Judgement

It’s hard not to focus on love, commitment and happily-ever-after around Valentine’s Day. The images of hearts and romantic lovers are everywhere, from the television to magazines. You’re bombarded with the reminder that February 14th is a day for people in love and the fact that you don’t have the man you love in your life right now, stings.

You must do everything within your power to block out the visions of love and romance that are dancing in your head. The fact that you still love your ex doesn’t mean that you have his permission to text him and wish him a great day. This gesture is more than likely going to make him feel very uncomfortable and it’s probably going to result in him blocking you completely from his life. As much as we think Valentines’ Day is all for us, men put great value in it as well and the mere fact that he heard from you on such an emotional day may be more than he can bear.

Try and view the day as just another day. Make plans to hang out with other single female friends or have dinner with a family member. Don’t focus on the day as the ultimate opportunity to reconnect with your ex boyfriend. You’ll probably do more damage than good if you attempt this so make a vow to yourself that you’ll get through the day without reaching out to him in any way.

Respond Only if He Contacts You First

In the event that your ex boyfriend is awash with sentimental feelings and he is the one who calls or texts you to with you a Happy Valentine’s Day you certainly should respond in kind. You need to be mindful of how exuberant you are in your response though. You want to temper how you react to his kind words by sharing a message that reflects his own, in terms of emotional sincerity.

In other words if he sends you a very understated, “I hope today is a great day for you,” don’t reply back that you miss him like crazy, that he’s the only man you’ll ever love and that you wish you two could just stop the madness and get back together. If you do this, you’ll quickly make him regret reaching out to you at all. Instead, reply back with something similar to what he wrote in tone. Perhaps a quick, “Thanks! Hope you have a great one too or, “Wishing you a fantastic day too.”

You must always allow your ex boyfriend to set the stage in a scenario like this. Even if his words don’t hold as much emotion as you would like, don’t lose sight of the fact that he was thinking of you on the most romantic day of the year. That alone speaks volumes about where his heart is at the moment.

Show Him the Depth of Your Emotional Maturity

If you allow Valentine’s Day to come and go without a peep from you, your ex boyfriend is going to view that as a sign of your emotional maturity. It shows that you’ve respected him enough not to try and use the day as a tool to regain his interest. Most men who have recently broken up with their girlfriends will candidly admit that they dread the day because they assume they’ll have to deal with an overly emotional and irrational ex girlfriend talking about the past and what went wrong.

Show your ex that to you it’s just another day and that you’re moving forward on a path that focuses solely and completely on you. A man doesn’t want to reunite with a woman who can’t let go of the past. He wants a woman who embraces the here and now and one who learns from the things that have happened up to this point in her life. Show him that’s exactly who you are by staying off his radar on Valentine’s Day. He’ll become more intrigued with you when he sees that he wasn’t at the top of your priority list of people to call on that special day.

Never forget the golden rule of getting a man back and that’s to make him think you’ve moved on and aren’t waiting impatiently for him. Men often long for women they can’t have so show him that you can live with or without him on any day, including the most romantic day of the year, and the man won’t be able to get you out of his mind.

Can I Get My Boyfriend Back Over Text? The Simple Answer

Text messaging has turned into the go to communication tool for many couples. It’s an easy and very effective way for any woman to keep in touch with the man she adores. You probably texted your guy dozens of times a day when the relationship was going well, right? Now that you two have broken up you may be wondering if you can use texting as a tool to get him back. It’s a great question and the easy answer is, “you bet you can!” It’s not as simple as sending him a text asking him to get back together though. Nothing is quite that easy in love, is it? You have to be tactical when it comes to texting an ex boyfriend. In fact, there are several rules you need to be aware of before you even think of picking up your phone and typing out a message to your lost love.

Don’t Text Him Immediately After the Break Up

Your emotions are at an all time high right after the break up. That’s natural and it’s completely expected. This is the time when you may feel inclined to do or say just about anything to get your man to come back to you. Many women fall into an emotional trap in which they send random, frequent text messages to their ex boyfriend begging him for another chance. If you do this, you’re making things much harder for yourself. Your ex will start ignoring your text messages and if he finds you overly bothersome he may even block your number. Do whatever it takes to refrain from texting him for at least two weeks after the split. If you have to turn your phone off and hide it in a drawer or in your handbag, do it. You’ll be thankful once the fourteen days have passed and you feel stronger and calmer.

Don’t Ask Anyone Else to Text Your Ex For You

You may think you’re being sneaky or smart when you request that a mutual friend text your ex boyfriend and mention you, but it’s actually an incredibly obvious ploy that many women engage in after a break up. If anyone happens to mention you to your ex, he’s going to immediately be suspicious of their motives. It’s obviously very tempting to have someone check up on him or test him to see if he misses you, but this is another move that you’ll soon regret making. When another person texts your ex and attempts to get in the middle of your break up, your ex will not only resent them, but will resent you for pulling someone else into such a personal matter. If you do still have mutual friends with your ex, make a point of asking them not to discuss you with your ex. It’s the safest route for you to take.

Don’t Pretend to Accidentally Text Him

Many women believe that their ex boyfriend won’t realize they are playing games with him if they send him a revealing text message and then claim they sent it to him by mistake. The text may be something like, “I like you too, ” or “I can’t wait to see you tonight.” Obviously, the intent when sending a text message like this to your ex is for him to believe you’re involved with another man. There are two general scenarios that arise out of a situation like this.

First, and foremost, your ex boyfriend is going to see through your charade and will be insulted that you believe that he’s so dimwitted. He’ll tell you that he knows you’re just playing games and he’ll pull back so far that any chance of you two getting back together will disappear.

The second scenario is that your ex will actually believe that you have another man in your life and he’ll give up on you in order to let you pursue the new relationship he thinks is real. In this case, you can’t exactly tell him that you weren’t being genuine because then he’ll see you as someone willing to manipulate his feelings. Either way, you’ll risk losing a future with him, so don’t risk that.

It’s very important that you don’t text him when you’re feeling emotional or vulnerable and that you abandon all ideas that include tricking him into wanting you back out of jealousy. Just let some time pass, gather your emotions together and then reach out to him in a mature and compassionate way.

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I Don’t Understand Why He Broke Up With Me! The Insight You Need to Move Forward

How different is your life today than it was a few weeks or months ago? Very different, isn’t it? Back then you were with the man you adored and your life together seemed to be a fairytale come true. You loved him, he loved you and the future seemed bright and very promising. Now you’re sitting at home alone, crying and wishing you could recapture those moments. Any woman in your situation is likely saying the same thing you are which is, “I don’t understand why he broke up with me!” It’s hard to accept it, isn’t it? Not knowing why he dumped you and not having any clear idea of what you can possibly do to get him to want you again. There are answers that will help. You can move forward from this once you understand the likely reason why he decided to end the relationship.

There are a few common reasons why men decide to leave their dating relationships including:
You’re no longer a challenge to him. There are some fundamental differences between men and women in relationships including how we view things once we fall in love. When we meet a guy and we feel that undeniable spark that suggests he’s the one, we have no reservations in telling him as much. I’ve done it. Most of us of the female persuasion have. We see no reason not to. If he fills your heart and makes you see visions of wedding dresses and babies, why not tell him that he’s your soul mate, right? The problem is that he wants to chase you. He wants the challenge of not knowing exactly how you feel. If you spell it all out for him, in no uncertain terms, it may deflate his interest.

You’ve gotten in his space, emotionally or physically. We all have personal boundaries and we expect the person we’re involved with to respect those. Such is the case with most dating couples. You have your own limitations in relation to how much you’re willing to share with your guy and he has the same related to you. If you’ve overstepped a boundary before he was prepared for it, he may pull back and end the relationship. Some examples are when a woman looks through her boyfriend’s cell phone, or when she repeatedly asks about his previous relationships. He’ll share things with you when he’s ready. If you tried to get him to do so before he wanted to, it may cost you his love forever.

You don’t support him. One thing that all men need from the woman they love is unconditional acceptance and support. If you are critical of the man you’re involved with, that’s going to sting him in very deep ways. He wants and needs to know that you would stand behind him no matter what and that you believe in him as much as he does. If you made any disparaging comments to him, that might have been the reason he dumped you.

Obviously, each relationship has its own unique dynamic and your ex boyfriend is the only one who can truly say, with certainty, why he ended the relationship. By taking some time to consider what was going on right before the break up you may be able to identify what triggered it and that will help you move forward. Leaving the past behind you is truly the best way to find your footing so you can get to a stable emotional place where you’ll be able to make a rational decision about whether or not you really want to try and get him back.

Once you have a better understanding of why he broke up with you, it’s then time to work on a way to win him back.

Knowledge is your best friend right now, so learn the best way to get him to love you again here.

I Hooked Up with My Ex Boyfriend! Why That Was a Horrible Idea

You’ve gone and done it, haven’t you? With all the lingering feelings you still have for your ex boyfriend, you made the fateful move of hooking up with him one time. Maybe it’s been more than that but your hope in doing so was to reignite his feelings for you. It seems like a logical step to take when you love a man. Get him to feel closer to you by any means possible, right? Wrong! Hooking up with an ex boyfriend is one of the worst mistakes any woman can make if her goal is to have a committed and loving future with him that includes respect. By opening up that can of worms  you may have just ruined your chances of getting your ex boyfriend to see you as potential girlfriend material again.

How Your Ex Boyfriend Views Hooking Up with You

You know how you felt more in love than ever with your ex boyfriend after you two spend intimate time together? He’s likely not feeling that at all. Men aren’t wired to view intimacy in the same way that we do. They don’t see it as a bridge to a deeper and more meaningful connection. It’s not all about promise and lasting devotion to them. For a man, whether he loved you once or not, hooking up is just that. He sees you as someone he can go to when he needs to get his physical desires fulfilled. If you continue to engage in this behavior with him you need to know that he’ll start to view you as someone he can turn to only for intimate encounters.

Why He’ll Likely Break Your Heart Again

If you hook up with your ex boyfriend and you try and play it cool, he’ll assume that you’re okay with that being the focus of your relationship. He won’t understand that your goal is to have a second chance with him. He’ll instead assume that you’re fine with things exactly as they are.

If you spend intimate time with him and then tell him that you still love him and want more, he may pull back to the point that he’ll stop talking with you altogether. The reason that’s likely to happen is that if he sees the relationship you have right now as one that focuses on casual hooking up when it’s convenient for you both, a commitment, or even the suggestion of a commitment, is bound to scare him.

How to Change the Dynamic of Your Relationship Now

It’s understandable why you may view hooking up as a bridge to something more with your ex boyfriend. You likely see the intimacy as the first step back into his heart. It may not be and for that reason you have to ensure the relationship involves more than just that.

Talk to your ex boyfriend about what you’re feeling. You’ll quickly understand how he views what you share with him by his immediate reaction. If you fail to hear from him for days after you explain that you want more than casual intimacy, he’s likely not looking for anything but that. If he starts to work with you towards a much fuller connection, you know that he’s looking for the same thing as you are.

If you have spoken with him and he’s still constantly trying to hook up, it may be time to start suggesting you two hang out somewhere other than the bedroom. Invite him out to dinner or suggest that you two go see a movie. Make it clear that you want more than what you’re currently sharing.

Disconnecting Emotionally From Your Ex Boyfriend

You may have to learn how to disconnect emotionally from him if his only focus is getting together to share intimate moments. This is not going to be easy but it shows your ex boyfriend that you aren’t comfortable being just his sometimes lover, and that you want more.

If you’ve explained to him, in no uncertain terms, that you’re unhappy with the current arrangement you two have and he’s still pushing for more intimacy, stop being available. Don’t agree to see him. Tell him you have other plans and mean it. Go out, meet new people, hang out with friends and start living your life again.

If your ex boyfriend does still have lingering feelings for you he’ll pursue you and he’ll want to spend time with you in an environment and in a way that you’re comfortable with. It may take him some time to come to the realization that he needs you in an emotional way and not just in a physical way. You need to stay strong and determined while this goes on.

It’s very easy to fall back into the trap of hooking up with him because you may feel he’s pulling away if you don’t. Allow that to happen because your strength in doing so will show him that you are emotionally independent and can survive, and even flourish, without a connection with him.

Always remember that you’re worth the value you place on yourself and you should never settle for less that you personally feel you deserve. If you don’t want to be the woman your ex boyfriend views as his “go to hook up” don’t be. Change the relationship by showing him that you’re not going to conform to what he wants. You’re going to stay focused on the relationship that you desire.

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Should I Get My Ex Boyfriend a Christmas Gift? The Answer You Need

Suffering through a break up can leave a woman feeling very confused and distracted. It’s often hard to focus on the simplest tasks. When you adore your ex boyfriend still you obsess over what went wrong and what you can do to get him to want you back. When the holidays roll around, there’s one question that may be burning a hole in your mind. You aren’t sure whether you should get your ex boyfriend a Christmas gift or should you skip it. On the surface it seems like a great idea to pick out something small and significant that shows him you still care deeply for him. However, you may not realize that your ex could absorb a gift the wrong way and it could actually damage your chance of getting him to want to give the relationship another try.

Be Honest With Yourself About Where the Relationship Is

When a woman starts throwing gifts in the direction of her ex boyfriend and the two of them aren’t even on speaking terms, it makes her look pathetic and desperate. Unless you and your ex boyfriend are already working on patching up your differences, it’s not wise to give him anything for Christmas at all. It doesn’t matter if you believe you’ve found the ideal gift. Buy it if the need feels overwhelming and save it for when you two are finally back together.

Too often a woman who is desperate to get her man back will have a package sent to him. The likelihood of him sending it back is very high. If he does keep it, he may never acknowledge it because he isn’t ready to mend the connection yet.

If you feel compelled to acknowledge the holidays in some form, a simple text message or email wishing him a happy and healthy new year is more than adequate.

Recognize That You Can’t Pull Him Back With Gifts

Women and men are swept off their feet by very different things. For us, after a break up, if we receive a large bouquet of our favorite flowers or a piece of jewellery, we’re going to take that as a sign that our ex boyfriend is saying sorry for what happened in the past. We see the gifts as a peace offering and from there it’s just a matter of time before the differences are worked out.

For men, it’s a much different process. Men see space and distance as gifts. Men tend to take much longer to deal with their feelings post break up. They can take weeks or in some cases even months to realize that they actually want to get back together.

That’s the very reason why you should extend silence as a gift to your ex. Instead of trying to buy back his affection with season’s tickets to his favorite team’s home games or a new watch, leave him be. By showing that you’re mature enough to walk away and give him time to think about the break up and what he wants for his future, you are essentially giving him the greatest and most compassionate gift possible.

Accept Any Gift He May Offer with Gratitude

Your ex boyfriend may be struggling with the same emotional dilemma you are regarding whether a Christmas gift is a good idea. You may be surprised to learn that he’s been plotting a plan to get you back by purchasing something he believes will make you forget about the past.

If this does happen, you have to temper your reaction to his gift. Don’t allow the gesture to cloud your better judgement. If he did something that hurt you deeply, be forewarned that you two are going to need to discuss that before you can truly be happy moving forward together.

It is important that you are cordial and grateful when he does offer you a gift. Accept it with a smile on your face.

Talk About Gifts If You Two are Currently Friends

For many exes, the journey back to being a couple begins with building a strong, trusting and loving friendship. If this is where you two are at the moment it’s wise for you to talk openly with your ex about whether he would like to exchange small gifts at Christmas.

The reason why you want to bring this up is that you don’t want to purchase something for him, when he is under the impression you two aren’t exchanging gifts. This scenario may make him feel embarrassed. You may also absorb it as his not caring enough about you to take the time to find a small gift to give you.

Avoiding any misunderstandings as you are working on rebuilding your relationship is paramount. Bring up the idea of a gift exchange during a calm moment. You’ll be able to gauge his reaction and then you two can move forward on the same wavelength and there won’t be any hurt feelings come Christmas Day.

Is it Really Possible to Get an Ex Boyfriend Back or Are You Fooling Yourself?

Most of us who have had our hearts stepped on, beaten and badgered by a break up all want the same thing. We want the man who did that to us to take us back? It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? From anyone watching you from the outside they probably think you’re in desperate need of an intervention when you say that even though he dumped you, you can’t wait to be back with them. The problem is that no one on this earth can truly understand how much you loved the man, right?

I went through a horribly painful and difficult break up with a man I loved with my entire being. He dumped me – just like that. No fanfare, no warning and absolutely no compassionate let down. He just randomly told me that it was over and he was going to move on. I was horrified and wondered immediately where that left me. What was I supposed to do with my life now? The future, as I desired it, was leaving.

Naturally you’re going to stop at some point and wonder whether it’s worth it to try and get him back. Your heart hurts, your mind is confused and you wonder whether or not you should even think about him for another moment.

Consider How Much You Loved Your Ex Boyfriend

Let me tell you this. Love just isn’t all that common – not the kind of love that you felt for him. You already know that, right? You also know that a couple can go through a difficult time and come out of it stronger, and more solid than they’ve ever been. You’ve heard the stories of that happening and I have one of my own to share.

When my guy left me, I was determined to win him back. I made every possible mistake in the book on my way to that goal. I’m shocked that he didn’t write me off completely especially when I made the horrendous decision to date another man in an effort to make my ex boyfriend jealous. Disaster with a capital “D” that was.

You’re not fooling yourself at all. You can get him back. It’s more than possible if you have the determination, the patience and the heart.

Don’t Let Your Ex Boyfriend Get Away

He’s the man for you- there’s no denying that so don’t let your heart wander away from your goal.

You’ve got a chance to win him back for good, so take it. Your future can be filled with a life with him. Make it happen. You know it’s the right thing to do.

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Should I Message My Ex Boyfriend if I Miss Him? Why You Shouldn’t!

Should I message my ex boyfriend if I miss him?” That’s a question I’m asked on an almost daily basis through emails to my blog. Women get themselves into an emotional place where they long for their ex boyfriend so much that they just want to reach out to him. To these women, sending a text message or a facebook message seems like a safe way to let their ex know they miss him. The problem is that if you’re sending that message when you’re feeling overwhelmed with feelings of missing him, he’s going to be able to read between the lines. He’ll see your true motivation and you’ll actually be in a worse position than you were before the break up.

Let me explain this a bit more. When a woman goes through a particularly painful break up with a man she utterly adores, her heart gets stuck in a difficult place. She can’t move on because she loves him so desperately and she can’t seem to find the way back to him. Her life feels as though it’s in limbo, so naturally she wants to find a way to move it along. Reaching out to him seems like the logical step to take so she crafts a message that says something along the lines of, “Hi. I miss you and can’t live without you.” Her better judgement walks out of the room while she sends the message and then she waits for a promising response. When none arrives, she feels more desperate than she did before.

The advice I always offer to women who feel inclined to message their ex boyfriend is take a breather for a few moments and then revisit the idea. I believe it’s best to put your phone down and go do something else. Maybe you can meet a friend for a coffee, or you can go to a movie. Find something to shift your focus for at least an hour or two. Then come back to the idea of sending that message to your ex boyfriend. Chances are very good that by then the overwhelming need to message him will have passed and you’ll feel stronger again.

Don’t Trick Your Ex Boyfriend with Text Messages

It’s also very important that you don’t heed the advice of girlfriends who tell you to send your ex boyfriend a message that looks as though it was intended for another person. This may seem very sneaky, but it’s actually incredibly transparent. If you send your ex boyfriend a message that says something like, “I had a great time last night,” or “Josh is so cute” (if your ex boyfriend’s name is anything other than Josh), you’re demonstrating how immature you really are. He’s going to know the instant he reads it what you’re up to and he won’t be impressed by it. He may actually become so annoyed by your childish antics that he’ll delete your number from his phone altogether.

That’s not to say that there isn’t an appropriate time to message your ex boyfriend. There actually is. However, it’s important that you understand what you need to say to him and when you need to say it.

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Clear Signs He Is Coming Back to You! Insight Into Your Ex Boyfriend’s Heart

There is only one wish that you hold within your heart. It’s all focused on your ex boyfriend and how you long for another chance at a life with him. You haven’t been the same since the two of you broke up. You feel desolate, lonely and lost. You spend day-after-day waiting for a text message from him and you wait endlessly for the moment when he calls and tells you that he can’t possibly live another day without you. If you’re like most of us who have gone through a difficult break up you try to find meaning in every word your ex boyfriend does say to you as well as every action he takes in relation to you. It’s emotionally exhaustive yearning for a relationship that may never be again. If you’re tired of second guessing what he’s feeling there are clear signs that he wants to reunite with you. If you spot these in your ex boyfriend’s behavior, you have every reason to be hopeful.

Here is a short list of signs that a man still has feelings for you after a break up:

He initiates contact on a regular basis. If your ex boyfriend is generally the one calling or texting you, that’s a clear sign that the man is not even close to moving on from the relationship. When a man wants a clean break all contact with his ex will stop. A man who still has strong feelings for a woman he’s no longer with will want to maintain some sort of connection and the easiest way to do that is to call her just to see how she is or to “touch base.”

He’s suggested the idea of you two being friends. The last thing you probably want is to be friends with your ex boyfriend. You want much more than that but you should take a step back and try to see the value in this suggestion. If he’s made it clear to you that he wants to remain in your life in the capacity of a friend, don’t discount that. It really means that he’s having trouble letting go of you and wants you to still see him as someone who can contribute something helpful and worthwhile to your life.

He talks to your friends about his feelings. Men aren’t always as subtle as they think they are. Such is the case with an ex boyfriend who confides in your friends that he still thinks about and cares for you. It’s highly likely that he’s doing this with the hope that your friends will pass that tidbit of information on to you. If you hear regularly from your friends about how your ex talks about you, that’s a sign that the man still wants to be your partner.

He hasn’t returned your things that were left at his place. Most couples tend to leave things at each others’ places when they’re dating. That makes it a bit awkward when you have to agree to meet to return things after the break up. If your boyfriend hasn’t offered to return any of your things that you forgot at his place or in his car, it’s because he’s not yet ready to accept that the relationship is indeed over. The same can be said if he hasn’t asked you to return his belongings that are still scattered around your apartment. That’s a final step that he may not feel ready to take yet.

He’s overly interested in your dating life. If your ex boyfriend has stopped caring for you in a romantic sense he won’t care if you’ve started dating. In fact, he’ll encourage you to go out and find someone because he’ll feel less guilty about the two of you breaking up. By the same token, if your ex boyfriend constantly wants to know if you’ve started seeing anyone new or if you’ve met an interesting man, he’s not doing that in the hope that you’ll say that you have. He’s worried that he’ll have competition for your affection soon. Be mindful when you answer any questions related to your dating status. It’s not advisable to try and make him jealous by creating an imaginary new boyfriend. Your ex may not be able to get past the image of you with another man so be wary of dating at all if your end goal is to reunite with your ex.

Obviously, there are many more signs that a man is intent on getting back together. These signs are meant to help you decipher some of the confusing behavior you may notice coming from your ex. It’s always wise to follow your heart and listen to what it tells you. If your inner instinct is telling you that he wants to be with you again, chances are good that’s the case.

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